Is It Safe to Drive on a Tire With a Bubble?

Impacts on the road are usually responsible for bubbles in tires. The sidewall of your tire can bulge when you hit pothole edges, curbs, speed bumps, or small collisions. If you see a bulge in the tread or a bubble along the sidewall of your tire, you need to stop immediately. It is not safe to drive tires that have bubbles. 

The fabric of your inner tire is no longer able to protect your tire when it comes into contact with the road.

Most often, you will see a tire bubble on the sidewall. Tire bubbles may also appear in areas of very thin rubber. It is dangerous to drive on a tire with a bubble. There is a good chance that the tire will blow on you. The tire should be replaced as quickly as possible, as the bubbles will grow as more air and moisture seep into the tire.

How to Prevent Tire Bubbles

Tire bubbles can be prevented in a few ways. It is difficult to avoid potholes or speed bumps but we can take precautions to stop them from forming. Follow these tips to prevent tire bubbles.

  • Potholes cause the most tire bubbles. Avoid potholes at all costs.
  • Drive slowly – Do not speed up. When parking or driving around curbs, be careful.
  • Tire maintenance – Check your tires regularly for any changes to the structure or pressure. Use a tire pressure gauge to check your tire pressure regularly.

Tire bubbles are not repairable because they compromise the structural integrity of the tire. The tire’s internal structure is no longer safe for driving. The tire must be replaced and driving should stop. Regularly inspect your tires to ensure they are properly inflated. As soon as you see a tire bubble, visit our auto service center to have it replaced.

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